Welded steel structures
Subcontract works
Production and assembly

Construction steel halls.
    Subcontract work.
Manufacture and assembling

Building construction of metal
    Subcontract work.

Welding Work,

Hooklift containers.

Hooklift containers.


Machinery platforms.
Flat beds.

Steel halls manufacture and assembing.

Rroduction metal silo
Manufacture and assembling, subcontract.

Construction steel halls.
    Subcontract work.

Welded steel construction.
Subcontract work.

Featured products, the steel construction!


STEELCON-SERVICE LTD is a manufacturing and trading enterprise which was established in Estonia in 2005. In addition, our company has trade representations in Latvia, Lithuania .We have a production area of 6000 m2 and good equipment: 20t cranes (2 units), bending machines (2 units), roller benches, metal saws (3 units), plasma cutting and welding equipment (16 units), sandblast and painting facilities. We have good transportation facilities as our premises are located close to railway station and 50km from commercial seaport with regular cargo service from Estonia to Russia.

Coproduction! Production sales in Europe and Russia.

The main field of activity of our company is production and sale of trailers for tractors, containers and platforms. We manufacture welded steel structures according to customer drawings,  carry out mechanical metal works and erection of steel constructions at the premises of the customer, and perform subcontractor works regarding production of welded metal structures.

We represent the interests of foreign producers in selling their goods on the European and Russian markets.

STEELCON-SERVICE LTD represents the interests of producers and sells their goods:

  • Manufacture Hook lift container, Hook lift platform, conveyors, Silos. Flat Beds.
  • Manufacture Agri trailer, Agri trailer-tank, Machinery for production of Firewood
  • Manufacture Building steel construction, Steel halls, Welded Steel construction
  • Production according to customer drawings, Subcontract work, Erection work
  • Sales of Firewood, Timber, Packaging